COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad

Examination Department

1 December 2005


NOTICE Regarding COMSIS Student’s Login


On the basis of daily queries regarding student console, it has came to our knowledge that the passwords are not been accepted by COMSIS, which is due to one of the following reasons.. The following rules have to be kept in mind regarding the COMSIS Login:


1.   Use url for opening the COMSIS site in case there is some problem accessing it.

2.   Passwords are case sensitive means ‘ABC’ and ‘abc’ are different.

3.   Please note down your password carefully as at times it becomes difficult to differentiate between ZERO and alphabet ‘O’, also ONE and alphabet ‘I’, and keep the password in a safe place for any future password problems.

4.   There might be some cases where a student changes his/her password and fails to login. In such cases, the passwords will be reset to the one initially provided.


It is note worthy that all the passwords have already been validated before they are provided to the end users to keep the integrity of the system intact and avoid such problems.




Administrator COMSIS